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#1 2023-02-23 03:23:02

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Microwaving raindrops

So what if we tried to microwave a raindrop?
Understandably, do be alert.
Because you have to make sure nothing goes not noticed.
Like think what would happen if the raindrop turned into a bunch of ducks.
I, of course, never forget to set up the required security cameras, obviously.
Making this clear: There should always be at least 5 security cameras monitoring the raindrop in the microwave.
It isn't as hard to microwave a raindrop now.
Now, this era, it's pretty easy.
A thing now that we didn't have back then was a spoon.
Looks cool without a spoon, but spoons keep you safer.

pls giv scracher ranc thanc uuuuu


#2 2023-02-23 08:20:59

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Re: Microwaving raindrops

PkmnQ out here spittin fax :fire:
(There was no fire smilie so i had to compromise)

Read homestuck

I've probably been blocked from all scratch affiliated sites by now soo


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