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#1 Re: Miscellaneous » I guess this is where i live now » 2023-03-18 04:52:15

I'm the one with the three f's and parentheses

#3 Re: Miscellaneous » I guess this is where i live now » 2023-03-14 02:04:17

IceCreamTub wrote:
PkmnQ wrote:

The discord is linked in the main TBG forums


https tbgforums.com/forums <- main forums
You need to have 21 posts there (not sure if posts here count) in order to join though, which I forgot about when I posted thst

#4 Re: Miscellaneous » I guess this is where i live now » 2023-03-13 04:51:38

The discord is linked in the main TBG forums

#5 Re: Miscellaneous » rutherfordium testing » 2023-03-13 00:09:46

rf!roll 999999999999999999 999999999999999999

#6 Re: Miscellaneous » If this gets post ????id 16 we advance » 2023-03-10 02:35:32

IceCreamTub wrote:

Quick question for y'all how did y'all add images to your posts, do "new scratchers" here have the same rights as a regular scratcher

We're only not allowed to post links, but images are allowed

#8 Re: Miscellaneous » I guess this is where i live now » 2023-03-03 01:56:23

IceCreamTub wrote:

Logging out of the site and viewing the discussion forums feels like stalking your ex's socials right after you broke up

Actually now that I think about it this is kind of me for the TBG forums as well, except instead of being banned it's doing a thing where I don't post there until 2028
(I failed yesterday but that's besides the point)

#9 Miscellaneous » If this gets post ????id 16 we advance » 2023-03-02 00:04:09

Replies: 8

accidentally put an emoji in the title let's see how tha changes things?

#11 Re: Miscellaneous » if this gets post id 8 we avnace » 2023-02-28 12:32:59

Technetium un-serifed and also it's a different site

#12 Re: Miscellaneous » if this gets post id 8 we avnace » 2023-02-27 13:35:15

what if i make wasteof look like the technetium style

#13 Miscellaneous » Microwaving raindrops » 2023-02-23 03:23:02

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So what if we tried to microwave a raindrop?
Understandably, do be alert.
Because you have to make sure nothing goes not noticed.
Like think what would happen if the raindrop turned into a bunch of ducks.
I, of course, never forget to set up the required security cameras, obviously.
Making this clear: There should always be at least 5 security cameras monitoring the raindrop in the microwave.
It isn't as hard to microwave a raindrop now.
Now, this era, it's pretty easy.
A thing now that we didn't have back then was a spoon.
Looks cool without a spoon, but spoons keep you safer.

#14 Re: Miscellaneous » I guess this is where i live now » 2023-02-23 00:13:05

IceCreamTub wrote:

Jegus grist pkmnq is that you?
(That rhymed)

yes also solitare is @-gge on scratch

are you in the process of making a main TBG forum account

honestly this forum has a lot cooler features than the main one but the main one has all the activity

#15 Re: Miscellaneous » Old Misc Forum Archive » 2023-02-22 14:25:41


it can't be...

#16 Re: Miscellaneous » Misc IRC/Espernet » 2023-02-22 14:20:29

elfin8er wrote:

Small one... for now devil-skype-smiley

and for ever. doh-skype-smiley

#19 Miscellaneous » THE SMILIES » 2023-02-22 14:07:59

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there are so many of them


rock-skype-smiley dull-skype-smiley envy-skype-smiley devil-skype-smiley emo-skype-smiley doh-skype-smiley dance-skype-smiley cool-skype-smiley yikes wink smile sad roll heart-skype-smiley giggle-skype-smiley puke-skype-smiley poolparty-skype-smiley punch-skype-smiley mmm-skype-smiley nerd-skype-smiley wondering-skype-smiley2 ezgif-3945917597 blush-skype-smiley hi-skype-smiley ezgif-1612819493 party-skype-smiley headbang-skype-smiley neutral mad lol sun-skype-smiley star-skype-smiley speechless-skype-smiley smoke-skype-smiley smirk-skype-smiley smile-skype-smiley sweating-skype-smiley sleepy-skype-smiley talking-skype-smiley thinking-skype-smiley time-skype-smiley yes-skype-smiley swear-skype-smiley tongue hmm cool big_smile wink-skype-smiley whew-skype-smiley wondering-skype-smiley wait-skype-smiley tongueout-skype-smiley toivo-skype-smiley tmi-skype-smiley bandit-skype-smiley

#20 Re: Miscellaneous » if this gets a post id of 2, we advance » 2023-02-22 14:04:30



#21 Re: Miscellaneous » I guess this is where i live now » 2023-02-22 14:01:30

solitare wrote:
PkmnQ wrote:

should i mention the userscript

basically pkmnq (this user) made a userscript to add back bbcode to the main tbg forums (it was turned off), and adds some new tags as well (like video and js tags)

yes the js tags make sure to click "Run Script" on every js tag you see without checking because you can trust that i have written exactly 0 scripts that can subscribe you to every single topic, thereby making your emails flooded with post notifications
you can trust me, the one who played with the bbcode enough to get xss to happen on the site in the first place which is why i needed to write this userscript in the first place, i definitely have not exploited that to redirect you to tbg sandbox (oh yeah and that's also its own forum and it has the marquee tag)

#22 Miscellaneous » who's April » 2023-02-22 13:56:43

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why are they the "Princess de jure"

#24 Re: Miscellaneous » I guess this is where i live now » 2023-02-22 13:48:14

solitare wrote:
PkmnQ wrote:

It does count your own views (wasn't me, only saw this after two hours)

By the way by the main site do you mean the Scratch forums or main TBG forums

the main tbg forums

i'm asking about this:

IceCreamTub wrote:

I guess i'll just document random stuff here, though, it's not like anyone from the main site will ever see this *sigh*

#25 Re: Miscellaneous » I guess this is where i live now » 2023-02-22 13:44:57

solitare wrote:

it's a lot less empty there

In terms of posts, at least.
Active people, on the other hand,

(180 second rule and no editing D:<)

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