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#1 Re: Miscellaneous » fawm 2k15 B] » 2015-02-04 14:22:53

SpiffyFlanger wrote:

my plan is to upload a new demo every other day. i uploaded my first one yesterday (feb. 2), so if things go as planned, i'll have successfully written/recorded 14 songs in 28 days. currently working on tomorrow's demo, which is going to be a collab! wink

good luck to you! i'm gonna shoot for at least 10, which will be 6-7 more than i've ever done before in past years

jji7skyline wrote:

Hey guys, another song demo!

http://fawm.org/songs/44725/ - Invisible in the Desert

Btw you should check out my previous songs, 'I'm Surfing',  'Ned Kelly', both available on my profile.

i've really liked your songs, justin! especially 'i'm surfing'

#2 Re: Miscellaneous » fawm 2k15 B] » 2015-02-03 16:57:52

i'm gonna hopefully upload one today
i kinda want to record drums for it... but i'd have to go to my church to record them and i really would just rather upload it probably

i can just record them for the final product and this is obviously just a demo anyways

#3 Re: Miscellaneous » fawm 2k15 B] » 2015-02-01 21:23:20

(btw it's started!!! !! ! !)

#5 Re: Miscellaneous » fawm 2k15 B] » 2015-01-31 21:30:45

the consequences will be incomparable like a...a...

#6 Re: Miscellaneous » fawm 2k15 B] » 2015-01-30 03:27:05

alright im holding u guys accountabel

#7 Miscellaneous » fawm 2k15 B] » 2015-01-29 21:08:44

Replies: 23

so fawm (february annual writing month) is about to start and i was wondering who was planning on doing it !
it's so much fun even tho ive never completed it and you should do it !
also link to your account so we can all see each others work

fawm accounts:
transparent \ lemonycroquet
echs \ x
SpiffyFlinger \ stiff finger
April \ agent reality
Luke \ earwax
Sticky Fingers \ stickfigures
jji7skyline \ just in g

#10 Re: Miscellaneous » April's Amazing Binb » 2015-01-24 22:25:11

honestly i dont think dress dress dress recordings should ever pay to put their stuff on itunes
i dont think ddd recording's primary audience will be located on itunes
i think they'd most likely be on bandcamp or something like that

#11 Re: Miscellaneous » What music are you listening to? » 2015-01-24 02:56:14

Luke wrote:

vittorio e by spoon

this is v good

#13 Re: Miscellaneous » Mod elections? » 2015-01-23 13:52:59

so i dont have a chance? oh nooooooooo my dreams are crushed what will i do with my lifeeeee ;;;;;____;;;;;

#14 Re: Miscellaneous » sleepwalking [discussion thread] [2015] » 2015-01-22 20:32:37

i don't sleepwalk usually but i do sleeptalk a lot
which is scarier than you might think

#15 Re: Miscellaneous » Dreams? » 2015-01-22 20:29:40

no i couldnt even pinpoint at this moment the different 'templates' but when im dreaming it i out-of-dream recognize it

#16 Re: Miscellaneous » Dreams? » 2015-01-22 20:00:34

often i have like a 'template dream' where perhaps the same exact thing doesn't happen, but the same setting, characters, and sort of plot is the same and  it's weird.

#17 Re: Miscellaneous » April's Amazing Binb » 2015-01-22 19:58:10

i've played this before cool
so is april's version with like custom songs or somesthing

#18 Re: Miscellaneous » Cool rhymes! » 2015-01-22 19:55:23

Slaymaker wrote:
transparent wrote:

tickle fight / kill in spite
hugs and kisses / leave the misses
eating watermelons / or commit some felons

Aren't felons the people who commit the felonies?

how do you know you weren't committing to be inspiration to the felons to do their felonies therefore 'committing some felons' (to do their felonies)
maybe it was a new years resolution

#19 Re: Miscellaneous » They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song 2015 » 2015-01-22 19:53:25

Luke wrote:

sometimes my emails from them get marked as spam so maybe thats what happened

yeah thats what it was but i got other emails from them i think that didn't??
well i guess it's nice to know...

#20 Re: Miscellaneous » What music are you listening to? » 2015-01-22 19:51:40

Slaymaker wrote:
transparent wrote:

i only know that song because of that jim carrey movie

Which song? Jumper?

yeah jumper
he does a great job too

#21 Re: Miscellaneous » Cool rhymes! » 2015-01-22 19:50:26

tickle fight / kill in spite
hugs and kisses / leave the misses
eating watermelons / or commit some felons

#22 Re: Miscellaneous » What music are you listening to? » 2015-01-22 19:38:16

i only know that song because of that jim carrey movie

#23 Re: Miscellaneous » New (and Old) Scratchers - Introduce Yourself Here! » 2015-01-22 19:37:20

charlio wrote:

hello, i'm charlie, formerly known as wickimen, wicki, bittertoast, etc. and since scratch i've gotten more old and creepy !

hello long time no see !

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