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#1 Re: Miscellaneous » Nostalgic Scratch Projects » 2015-06-20 17:20:57

"Do You Close Your Eyes When You Kiss Me?" // The Smashing Pumpkins

#4 Re: Miscellaneous » Your opinion on Scratch 1.4 vs 2.0 » 2015-01-31 19:33:22

I dunno, I've used Scratch 1.4 a lot and I just started using the 2.0 editor a bit and I don't find it confusing and like it very much.

#6 Re: Miscellaneous » New (and Old) Scratchers - Introduce Yourself Here! » 2015-01-31 05:19:43

Yes, I am more commonly known as veggie or veggieman or veggieman001 on Scratch.

#7 Re: Miscellaneous » fawm 2k15 B] » 2015-01-30 20:38:36

Uh oh, what if I don't get 14?

#9 Re: Miscellaneous » They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song 2015 » 2015-01-28 01:49:17

I love Music Jail. Second-best so far IMO

#10 Re: Miscellaneous » ponies » 2015-01-26 15:33:55

jji10dino wrote:
April wrote:
jji10dino wrote:

*Wipes forehead in relief*

I do, however, like My Little Pony. smile

... puke-skype-smiley

Sorry. I just love using the Skype icons xD

You're going to have to clean that up.

#11 Re: Miscellaneous » What music are you listening to? » 2015-01-26 15:33:21

"You've Got Everything Now" // The Smiths

#12 Re: Miscellaneous » ponies » 2015-01-26 08:35:36

jji10dino wrote:
April wrote:

I'm not a brony.

*Wipes forehead in relief*

I do, however, like My Little Pony. smile

#15 Re: Miscellaneous » Dreams? » 2015-01-25 18:47:51

Slaymaker wrote:
Sunrise-Moon wrote:
elfin8er wrote:

Baha, you sure that was a dream?

Yep. Another similar dream happened right before Christmas break ended, when I dreamed that I was walking away from my school with a confident posture.

I think that this counts as one of the worst nightmares ever.

How's that a nightmare?

#16 Re: Miscellaneous » April's Amazing Binb » 2015-01-24 22:43:19

transparent wrote:

honestly i dont think dress dress dress recordings should ever pay to put their stuff on itunes
i dont think ddd recording's primary audience will be located on itunes
i think they'd most likely be on bandcamp or something like that

I would consider doing it if I actually had like an audience or a business plan but right now I'm 17 and making lo-fi indie music with my friends

#17 Re: Miscellaneous » What music are you listening to? » 2015-01-24 06:20:01

"disk prep calrec2 barn dance [slo]" // Aphex Twin

#18 Re: Miscellaneous » What music are you listening to? » 2015-01-23 22:42:45

"Battle for Britain (The Letter)" // David Bowie

#19 Re: Miscellaneous » Suggestions For A Laptop/Ultrabook? » 2015-01-23 17:30:31

Apple are the ones who let you install Windows on a Mac but prevent you from installing OS X on non-Mac computers, so they can market that as an advantage.

#20 Re: Miscellaneous » April's Amazing Binb » 2015-01-23 17:29:59

Slaymaker wrote:
transparent wrote:

that's pretty neat n_n

I don't think it's neat. I say probehead on iTunes or riot!

if you want to pay for it, then sure

#21 Re: Miscellaneous » Suggestions For A Laptop/Ultrabook? » 2015-01-23 11:15:40

of course, then you have to deal with Apple and Apple are Not Nice

#23 Re: Miscellaneous » Suggestions For A Laptop/Ultrabook? » 2015-01-23 02:34:59

If you don't want OS X, then that's not an advantage that it can run either.

#25 Re: Miscellaneous » Mod elections? » 2015-01-22 23:32:27

wave100 wrote:
Luke wrote:

i should be a mod because i'm the only probehead peron who's not a mod
i was asleep when justin was modding everyone smh

cri 4ever

Hey, I was on when these were being set up and I'm still not a mod. tongue

Length of time on a forum is a factor into being a mod, but not the only one.

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